How To Set Home Goals

Do you want to create a lifestyle you don’t need a vacation from? If you want to get more stuff done in less time as a woman, this is the podcast for you. I share my simple yet powerful ideas to get you out of inertia and on the fast track while you set practical goals strategicaly!!

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Today’s episode is short, but packs a punch! We’re talking about, you guessed it… GOALS!

I recorded this episode while doing my own planning.

In previous years, I would separate each goal into different categories: personal, professional, relational, and spiritual. Although there may be category cross-over, it’s helpful for me to be able to see where I am focusing in each aspect of my life.

Sounds like a great and organized plan, right?

Well, not entirely.

I would agree that it’s a great place to start, but the problem with my previous goal planning was that it lacked one essential piece, STRATEGY.

Whether your goal is to make more money, loose 10 kgs, read more books, yell at your kids less, or live a more organized life, you need a plan on how to get there.

So this year I revamped my goal planning worksheet to include 4 key parts:

WHAT your goal is (what are you striving to achieve?)

WHY it’s important to you (what is the reason behind your goal? Articulating your why can help you stay on track when you feel unmotivated.)

HOW you plan to get there (what steps are you going to take each day to help you get closer to reaching your goal)

WHEN you expect to reach your goal (is this something you plan to accomplish next week, next month or next year)

Once I started including these details, I felt a sense of clarity and direction that had previously been lacking. So grab your pens and paper, and start designing your dream life around your goals!

3 Secrets:

1.Stop Labelling yourself and start labelling your behaviour. You are a good person.

2. Stop criticizing and do the high five habit

3. Stop Victimizing yourself and take the remote control of your life in your hand. If you want a different life, start making different decisions.

Pankhuri Omar- Reorganize With Pankhuri

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Reorganize With Pankhuri

Pankhuri Omar aka Pankhii, is a B.Com drop-out, "fashion designer turned home nerd", a grounded reorgist herself, mom of 1, and wife of a loving husband. She founded Reorganize With Pankhuri in 2022 to fix and redefine home management and organization system by creating a new breed of working moms for good. Currently she is helping hundreds of overwhelmed moms declutter and reorganize their space, lifestyle and work to create their dream freedom lifestyle and become an expert in what they love doing, using R.E.O.R.G Formula! She is on a mission to help 1,00,000 women live a happy reorg lifestyle of their dreams!

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  1. Rutu Amaliyar

    Very powerful yet simple formula!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Pankhuri

      Thank you for sharing your takeaways Rutu… more to come! 🙂

  2. Sunil

    your topics are really helpful in our life. I have a kiddo of 3 years and a mother who is 78+ so I am reading and listening to you. Keep going.

    1. Pankhuri

      Thank you! Glad to serve you. Please stay connected share your learnings to motivate others 🙂

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