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Reorg’s mission is to help women plan, declutter & reorganize their house with simple solutions and high utility products transforming it into their dream home!


Save MONEY | TIME | SPACE | ENERGY! Discover new lifestyle improvement ideas and products to organize like a pro! Helping you each day to thrive with simple & practical mantras!


Exclusively for women on a mission to upgrade their lifestyle with valued items for the kitchen, home, office, and child's playroom. Maximize your available storage space so not an inch is wasted. Explore now!


Learn to un-learn and then re-learn using simple tools, techniques, formulas and systems that make you a better version of yourself after each video one step at a time!

About Me

Pankhuri Omar- Founder Of Reorg.in

You are about to slice your worries and anxieties in half just by having me over a virtual cuppa!

Hey, I’m Pankhuri, and it’s time you begin a life-transforming journey with me by getting up and taking action. You are about to do some great work for yourself- thinking of which, your heart is beating and soaring with excitement!

So first tell me, do you love a COZY home where you can make anyone(most importantly yourself!) feel good, happy, and in peace?

Yet, somewhere between everyday life’s routine of chores and family living, subconscious guilt buildup (along with clutter buildup- yeah!), and a numbed connection with yourself, this dream is so often ignored, neglected and, considered impractical to be achieved.

You are unable to find answers to these questions buzzing in your head all the time:

  • What exactly is holding you back to get up and reorganize your home?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the amount that needs to get done?
  • Are you having trouble making decisions?
  • Are you unsure what action steps you need to take?
  • Are you baffled about where to start?


These are real-life issues no one wants to hear or understand in the first place! We just crib about it with our non-judgemental peer groups and without taking any action, continue with our miserable lives!

If you have come so far reading… you are among those 41% of women who want to change the way their life is leading them. You want to take control – 

You want to BALANCE and deeply fall back in love with yourself, your partners, and your life!

Home organization affects every single one of us. The link between home clutter and the harm it has on your health is not a topic to ignore these days.

SOOOO…..If you’re ready to make things as easy and enjoyable as possible at home so you have the time AND energy to live the life you want – then you’re in exactly the right place.

You deserve to enjoy living in your own home. It should be a place where you can de-stress, which reflects your unique sense and style. An environment that helps (not hinders) you in having the life you crave.

& you CAN definitely do it – by becoming your very own ‘Home Chief’. Don’t worry though – As I’ve created this self-supportive website for women to share all sorts of DIY re-organizational and planning ideas, home decluttering hacks, curated blogs for each corner of your house (and your mind too!)

So – come on in, make yourself at home!

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