Top 9 ME-TIME tips for working moms, mompreneurs, single moms and moms with toddler kids

If you’re like most moms, you put yourself last.

However, today’s Moms like you and me are smart and ambitious, and we want to be the best versions of ourselves, while also carrying out all our family and career responsibilities.

Look, we’re not ordinary people, we’re Moms! Busy Moms don’t have much me-time, which is why we need hacks and tips!

Think about what your life would look like if you started to take care of yourself!

In this podcast I have 9 “ME-TIME” tips for you to get the best of both the worlds!

Plug in and take mind notes!

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What you will learn in this podcast?

 ✓ Common self-sabotaging mindset conditioning of working mothers

 ✓ What does it takes to dare and say NO- doing everything for everyone

 ✓ What are the ways to reclian your ‘me-time’ and succeed as a peaceful and happy working mom with a happy family?

Pankhuri Omar- Reorganize With Pankhuri

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Reorganize With Pankhuri

Pankhuri Omar aka Pankhii, is a B.Com drop-out, "fashion designer turned home nerd", a grounded reorgist herself, mom of 1, and wife of a loving husband. She founded Reorganize With Pankhuri in 2022 to fix and redefine home management and organization system by creating a new breed of organized women for good. Currently she is helping hundreds of overwhelmed busy women declutter and reorganize their home, life and work to create their dream freedom lifestyle and become an expert in what they love doing, using the 6 Step Super Organized Women Formula! She is on a mission to help 1,00,000 women live a calm, cheerful and successful lifestyle of their dreams!

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