Welcome to Reorg With Pankhuri

I’m honored to have you as part of my home improvement COMMUNITY.

I believe every corner of our home has a story to tell and curating each spot in a creative and productive manner becomes a part of the journey called TRANSFORMATION!

My mission is to help women PLAN, DECLUTTER & REORGANIZE their house with simple solutions and high utility products transforming it into their dream home!

It's completely normal to feel confused, stuck, and overwhelmed at this point. To help you with your sophisticated yet powerful journey, I have set up 3 easy-to-follow ACTION steps to LEVEL UP your game of re-organizing your dream home!

Step 1

If it’s your first time here, I completely respect your hesitation, and ‘why should I trust her?’ issues. To get in sync and secure about this site’s authenticity, I’ve created this Facebook Community, with some of our very best resources, and above all a free support group of women who are dealing with the same ISSUES across the world along with those who found a SOLUTION for it!

So click Join my community to get you STARTED!

Step 2

It’s time to take your EMAILS seriously as I will be sharing some GOLD POWERFUL STRATEGIES with my VIP Subscribers (once a month) who really want to bring about a change in their world and not just swipe left and right without taking any action.

Reorg Helps You Have Have Control Over Your Possessions​

Step 3

Indulge in your PASSION of reclaiming your house!

ReOrg is packed FULL of inspirational articles with simple solutions for a Dream Home Life you C.H.E.R.I.S.H. set up into the 3 main areas to get sorted (PLAN, DECLUTTER & REORGANIZE)

Just decide what area you want to tackle first from the 3 options below and click on the button to get started…


☸️ You need to set up systems that are right for YOU and YOUR family - we are all different!

☸️ When your home works for you in how it functions and how it looks/feels, then it becomes your HAVEN from the rest of the world. A place where you can peacefully be yourself!

☸️ The best way to get something done is to 'JUST BEGIN'

☸️ Nothing is hard if you divide it in small S.M.A.R.T goals

☸️. Lastly, stop waiting for the perfect time to get organized. Take this moment and make some progress... ONE STEP AT A TIME...


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