Having Too Much Stuff? Try The KDT Blueprint If You Want More Free Space

Having home management and organization problems can be a big road block to many aspiring working moms.

And being able to efficiently deal with those obstacles is what’s going to make you achieve your goals. In this podcast, I give you some powerful ideas to help you cross these challenges better.

Introducing the KDT Blueprint exclusively for my listeners who have shared their most annoying problem with me- and that is categorizing while decluttering. Let’s discuss this issue while being kind on ourselves 🙂

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What you will learn in this podcast?

 ✓ What you lack to start your decluttering process

 ✓ What does it takes to dare and detach yourself from your stuff

 ✓ What does KDT stands for and how you can implement this blueprint easily

Pankhuri Omar- Reorganize With Pankhuri

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Reorganize With Pankhuri

Pankhuri Omar aka Pankhii, is a B.Com drop-out, "fashion designer turned home nerd", a grounded reorgist herself, mom of 1, and wife of a loving husband. She founded Reorganize With Pankhuri in 2022 to fix and redefine home management and organization system by creating a new breed of working moms for good. Currently she is helping hundreds of overwhelmed moms declutter and reorganize their space, lifestyle and work to create their dream freedom lifestyle and become an expert in what they love doing, using R.E.O.R.G Formula! She is on a mission to help 1,00,000 women live a happy reorg lifestyle of their dreams!

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